About Me

A blog about Linux, POSIX scripting, Computer Hardware, Cars, and Anything In-Between

This blog is written by a pseudo-programmer, who spends more time learning about stuff related to programming rather than programming. I also spend time just learning about stuff in general, such as roadways, legacy cars, Linux, and whatnot.

For those wondering; my current computer’s specifications are:

FYI: This is a pre-built meaning that everything not listed here is sub-par or even just plain bad quality. The case is nice but besides that I’m worried this PSU will blow at any moment.

Other Tech I use currently

My next setup will be a Framework Laptop with Artix Linux and dwl, with a MacBook Pro for macOS-only related purposes. I plan to use the Macbook for uses that rely heavily on battery power. The Framework is a thin-and-light, meaning that it doesn’t have a huge battery, but enough to last a while. The MacBook will be good for plane rides and such.

The phone I currently use is an iPhone 12 base-model, however I will upgrade that in the following months to an iPhone 15 with 256GB of storage, unclear on whether to get the Pro or Pro Max at the moment. I am currently an Apple “fanboy”, however I am not a blind sheep. I personally like Apple not selling all my data cough Windows cough and how interconnected the ecosystem is. I could get along with even less data collection from my good friend Tux the penguin, but everything doesn’t “Just work” as well. Granted, I don’t completely “stan” Apple, but at this case they seem like the worst of many evils. I’d rather pay the Apple tax knowing that I won’t be served ads (unless in the AppStore) and won’t have most of my data mined.


I live in the United States, as you could probably tell from the website’s metadata; but I just want to make that clear just in case anyone says something along the lines of “Murica Moment LOL XD” which is utterly retarded.

Cool Stuff Not Made By Me

The list of software that I currently endorse will be linked below

Things not software but I find cool:

If you are looking for contact you can either find me at